Monday, March 13, 2006

Lazy Woman's Afterpocket Experiment

What I learned is to read carefully! First I tried reading EZ's Knitting without Tears - messed it up. Then I read Jacqueline Fee's section on afterpockets in The Sweater Workshop and voila! Granted I should probably have tried a larger experiment, but I just don't like wasting knitting time.

Snip a stitch in the MIDDLE of where you want the pocket and unravel even amount of stitches in either direction - 20 stitch pocket - unravel 9.5 stitches in either direction. (You will have enough yarn from unraveling to weave in and keep it from further unraveling on each side, which you'll do after you're done with the pocket) Put all the bottom ten stitches on one dpn. Divide the top on two dpn's. Purl the bottom row (turns easier to tuck inside). Knit a pocket in a circular fashion until it's deep enough. Kitchener stitch the bottom of the pocket together. Tuck to the inside of the sweater. Weave in those ends, snugging it all up.

Here I show stitches raveled and on dpn's, the itty bitty knitted pocket, and lastly it in it's right position with a paperclip tucked in the pocket. So if this was all done in the same color, it would look right! I think if I were doing a pocket in a sweater, I'd use a bit thinner yarn - kind of like you would with a hem.


Mrs. Bear said...

Nice tutorial! I think if I were doing this on something large, I'd put in a lifeline - especially if a pattern were involved. Not quite as scary as steeking, but close!

Knitting-Nelly said...

That's interesting! I'm not sure I'd ever be brave enough to try it, but it's cool!

Amber (from KH)