Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Denim Duo Part 1

Well, I was making this for my mom and realize I made it a bit too small. I'll be lucky if it fits me. And it's not 100% wool, so blocking isn't going to help too much. I just looked at the final measurements and thought it would be okay, forgetting how much ease this one needs. SOOOO I've ordered another shipment of yarn and this will be my experiment and the second will be for my mom. The photo doesn't show the stitch definition very well. It's Encore Chunky yarn, so it'll be able to go in washer and dryer. And I made this first one a little long. For some reason the middle part which is moss or seed (whatever) pulls up and that's where I was measuring for length. I'll be interested to see how it looks when I get the crocheted edging on.

Another thing - This front edge looks like merely two knit stitches, kind of loose. Well, it's not. It's four stitches. On the right side you k1, sl1, k1, sl1. On the wrong side you p1, k1, p1, k1. It's very interesting. Makes a fat and sturdy edge! I've tried to photo it.

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Knitting-Nelly said...

Sorry the sizing was off, but it's very pretty!

Amber (from KH)