Monday, February 20, 2006

Today's Shopping Show and Tell and Holey Heels

No knitting to post, so I thought I'd share my shopping excursion.
This kitchen rug is happy. I had to have it. And even though I'm sure Miss Kelli would like to claim it, it's mine. (Did you see that on the right - cafe macchiato. I've never even had one, but I love to say it.)

Bromeliads are a real bargain. You get fresh flowers that last about a year and if you amortize the cost over that period, it's almost like next to free. Did you know that they only have one bloom in their life?? After that they're done, except for baby plants they sprout. Then you can separate them and have a new plant. Problem is once the bloom's gone (which lasts FOREVER almost), I want to replace it. Then where do I keep the old one until it's babies hatch? I don't like clutter.

And last but not least, I found a handsome new home for my ming aralia. The poor plant's growth was stunted in it's dinky old pot. I love this tree.

The only knitting related comment I want to make is to tell you that after I got home, of course I kicked my shoes off. Then as I was walking back into the garage to grab some stuff from the car, I felt something cold and slick on my heel. My heart stopped as I jerked my foot up to look at it, and sure enough it was true - one humongous hole in the heel of my HANDKNIT SOCK! This does not amuse me. Yes, I know I can fix it, but they just aren't that old! I bet I've only worn them 15 times if that. Grrrrrrrrr

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Mrs. Bear said...

I love the aralia! In a past life, I worked at an indoor foliage nursery/greenhouse, and we'd occasionally get in beautiful specimin plants like yours. Hope it enjoys it's expanded home.

As to the rug - it is a happy rug! I've been toying with the idea of knitting a throw rug in the Log Cabin design. Just have to find some cheap, cheap yarn in the right gauge and colors. Maybe an Elann special.