Sunday, February 19, 2006

BB's got Buttonholes!

Good Lord! Look at all those buttonholes and I'm not even done! For some reason I'm unknitting with less aggravation than ever before to fix all the stupid mistakes I find. I think it's because I'm in love. It's just so dang beautiful. And I really bad-mouthed this Tree Frog yarn before and I'm feeling kind of sorry about that. It's really not bad yarn. It's feeling pretty good, and it'll be perfect for a sleeveless top - not too heavy.

One thing I have decided - no more knitting the new skein in with the old to join. It shows on this a wee little. That mistake I left. So it's back to weaving. And another thing - do you count EIGHT stitch markers on there? Oh, man, I've got to think. I better stop for today.

(By the way, notice those BEAUTIFUL four stitch markers in the middle? Miss Holly is in the business, you know.)

I've ripped the needle out of this more times than I care to admit to rip back five, ten, fifteen rows. Perhaps it's the power of suggestion. There's a whole honking huge KAL on this, and all people do is talk about froggin.

P.S. Yes, that's a Fiber Trends Clog on that foot. I've gotten kind of used to them.


Mrs. Bear said...

Yowza! I am sooooo impressed by this.

Impressed by the beauty of the piece and impressed by your willingness to rip.

I have ripped (sometimes entire garments - remember the Great White Dope?) but I do admit to the tendancy to fudge mistakes and hope no one notices. But you, Knitster Extraordinaire, will have none of that.

Do you ever use a lifeline in your knitting? I never have, but think I would if I were doing something so lacy and intricate. Perhaps that's why I'm doing icord gloves and you're doing this! ;-D

Joufknister said...

You're doing icord gloves???? I want to see! Actually I started to try to do a lifeline before I started this last part, but first I put it through one of my needles and ripped it out, then the other. The back to the other. Then I tried to knit - ick. I'll try again another day!