Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rose Maryjanes

Just finished these Maryjanes, which I don't like making, by the way, and lightly felted them because I think they look sort of ugly otherwise. And right now I have NOTHING on the needles. I feel an urgent need for a project.
This is my second pair as a friend of Kelli's is a thief!!


Kellisal said...

They are NOT ugly... especially once they are on my feet!

Joufknister said...

hahaha. Not now that they're felted a bit!

Kellisal said...

Mother.. As I sit here at Krista's mom's house, she is telling me to let you know that her daughter is NOT a thief!!! Also, she wants a hat or she is going to become a thief and steal Krista's. Krista says thank you and she'll call you. Love you mom!