Monday, November 14, 2005

89 Things About Me

Everybody's doing these lists, so I thought I would. If everyone's jumping off the roof, are you going to do it too?

1. I don't believe in revenge because
2. What goes around comes around.
3. I lived in at least 11 houses before I was 18 years old.
4. I've lived in only two houses in the last 30 years.
5. My favorite flowers are lilacs and hydrangeas.
6. Silence is nice.
7. I live with lists.
8. I believe in going after Plan A with gusto, but always have a Plan B just in case.
9. I'm a court reporter.
10. I quit my job, got a line of credit to live on, went to school for CR when I was in my late 30's.
11. I was single and had a five-year-old daughter at the time.
12. Getting my license was a HUGE achievement for me.
13. My daughter is now 26 and she's beautiful (inside and out).
14. I believe if you learn from a bad experience, it becomes a good experience.
15. I'm married (for the second and last time)
16. My husband had a liver transplant, and I was his donor.
17. It was not fun - especially his being sick for so long, me being a nurse and then sick too and then a nurse again!
18. We both survived!
19. He's back to work - YAY.
20. I was extremely shy as a kid.
21. I was a bookworm until I got out of school.
22. I don't read novels very often anymore.
23. I've become MUCH more outspoken.
24. I was born in Michigan.
25. My uncle called me Sympathy.
26. I have or had three brothers and no sisters.
27. I love technology and computers and different software and the internet.
28. I love digital cameras.
29. I was never into picture-taking much before digital (can't call what I do photography).
30. Other than court reporting, I've only had one job that I have especially fond memories of, an international engineering firm.
31. I was a secretary there for two stints of about 3.5 years each.
32. 3.5 years is about my average length of devotion to jobs, but there have been exceptions.
33. I got back in touch with my boss from that engineering company (who now lives in Belgium with his wife, daughter, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren) a couple years ago after no contact for probably 20+ years.
34. We've each written the other over 100 letters since then.
35. I think he will read my blog, so I will say I admire him a lot!
36. I like to bike.
37. I started out with a hybrid.
38. Two months later had to get a road bike cause I don't like other people passing me like I'm standing still.
39. I don't bike as much as I'd like anymore because I knit.
40. There will probably be a hat revival in this country as a result of my knitting.
41. There are only four houses on my street.
42. The best neighbors in the world live in one of them.
43. She's teaching me to ride a horse.
44. My neighbor also knits - what more can you want out of a neighbor?
45. She probably won't read my blog because she won't be able to find it again without help.
46. I love to knit.
47. I have more cookbooks than any one person needs
48. It was difficult for me to stay up past 8:00 p.m. before I startd knitting.
49. I also love to cook and bake.
50. I'm a Francophile.
51. We had a French foreign exchange student one summer.
52. The student and her mom, dad, and sister came back to visit us.
53. I've visited them in Normandy twice.
54. I speak a little French poorly.
55. I love to travel to Europe.
56. Old streets, towns, cathedrals excite me.
57. My daughter and I visited my boss and his family in Belgium last year and had a great time.
58. Traffic annoys me more than anything.
59. The only time I use my real name is for legal purposes and business.
60. My parents fought over what to name me and named me what my dad wanted.
61. My mom never called me by that name.
62. Some people think I'm compulsive about keeping my house up.
63. But that's not true.
64. I very rarely watch TV (rarely meaning less than an hour a week if at all).
65. If I watch something, it's usually Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, etc.
66. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of our set of P&P tapes.
67. My husband and I can quote a lot of it!
68. I think I would love to live in New England.
69. I've never been to New England.
70. I played with dolls a lot when I was little (not Barbies).
71. My husband was born and raised in Hawaii.
72. I'm not that attracted to Hawaii.
73. I haven't sent out Christmas cards in a couple years.
74. We love the holidays.
75. We'd rather be home than most anyplace.
76. We love book stores.
77. We go through a lot of model homes.
78. I download old books on my Palm to read when waiting.
79. Just finished Middlemarch something or other and am going to read it again because I skimmed it too fast sometimes.
80. I just realized I said I don't read novels up there somewhere, but I don't think reading books on a Palm count. (Besides they're old)
81. I think you never know anyone as well as you think you do.
82. I'm blocking a hat on my head as I write this.
83. I used to quilt and need to make a couple more but I can't put the knitting needles down to do it.
84. Bowls and pots and pans have to feel good.
85. I eat too fast.
86. Boss from #33 remembered that for 25 years. What a thing to be remembered for!
87. I never get bored.
88. I think I'll run out of time before I run out of things to do.
89. Mornings are the best.

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Jodie said...

wow...what a fun blog-site...if that is an appropriate way to define it :) I am a friend of your wonderful neighbor and so jealous that you have her so close by...I have seen and heard about so many of your fabulous creations and am in awe of your creativity...when I grow up I want to be just like you...thanks for sharing all of your I know that isn't correct, but fun just the same