Monday, February 08, 2016

Playing w silk and paint

This is a blue and a green Dye-Na-Flo paint and silk hanky from Dharma Trading.  My first experiment took about two to three minutes. Ironed the silk to freezer paper. I used the green paint and a fan brush and sort of got it all over with a fan brush.  Then took a lil dip of blue on two corners and spread just a little and threw the salt on it.  Picked up the whole mess and took it to the bathroom and blew a little with the hair dryer (carefully).  I'm no expert, obviously (lol), but to me, this is success.  Hope I can replicate it on a larger silk square to wear with this sweater jacket.

My next experiment was a flop.  I was curious if I could iron a design of freezer paper on top of the silk and carefully paint without resist.  That's a big NO with Dye-Na-Flo.  Probably with other paints, but then they'd probably be too thick and it wouldn't feel nice afterwards.  Next experiment will be with the resist.

I got some metal pointed tips in this kit, and I have no idea how to use them.  They sure don't fit with the little tiny bottles that came with it.  And the tip is pretty big on those.  

This is little kid's play for big folks.

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