Monday, November 03, 2014

Sewing room redo

With a little help from my organizer friend, I managed to get through the fabric.  She suggested rolling all the soft fabrics and stacking in a box.  I can now lay my fingers on any piece of fabric without pulling everything from the shelf and dumping on the floor - my old system.  I love it!  The bookcases are from Target, $17 each.  So nice to have all the books in one place.  The table is Ikea's Norden gateleg table that folds down to about 12 inches!  I put it on casters that I saw on another blog out there - I think it was Cozee.  And for some reason, I added a huge table to the mix and now have way more room than I did without it.  Scarlett has three drawers stocked with craft stuff to keep her busy out there too.  I decided to protect the table with a piece of flannel-backed vinyl cloth I had on hand.  I wish the pictures did it justice.  I'm very happy!

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Anonymous said...

Your new sewing and knitting area looks attractive, well organized and efficient. I know you're going to enjoy using it. I love the cutting table and the shelves. Great job! nancy