Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Uniquely Me


My Uniquely You dress form needed a makeover. Instead of buying her slightly smaller than me and padding up, I bought a larger size relying on being able to sew the cover in to pull her in.  But the waist wasn't at the right level and various other problems.  So I ended up slicing her up with a carving knife and am covering up the damage. Need to tweak the bottom edge, add some elastic to bottom, cover and dart some at armholes, add a pin cushion to top.  Lastly, I'll give her a good steam with my steamer to shrink it a little bit to smooth it out. 

Overall, I'm pleased so far.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The form looks great! nancy

Mandy said...

Yes, well done. The dressform looks just right now.

RhettaRic said...

Thank you, Nancy, Mandy! I steamed it last night, and it looks a little tighter now!