Thursday, July 25, 2013

More machine knitting and sewing

This teal shrug for Scarlett was fast and a lot of fun once Sandy,, explained how to do it.  Basically a rectangle sewn into a circle.  II had never used the ribber doing a tuck stitch on my kh930.

The black vest is not what I had intended to make , but still is wearable. It's made out of a wool rayon yarn on the 930. I made the back too long to make into a traditional men's vest look with points in the front and a button band. So I just made  a pullover instead.


And Scarlett loves her aprons and her ladybug one in particular. When it's dirty, she doesn't like to wear the plain one I made her. So hopefully she'll like the cupcake one as well as her ladybug apron.

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