Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chica Doll

Whoo, she's/he's done - plenty of time for Easter!  I was worried about how to make and attach that beak and wasn't too sure of the feet. But it all worked out.  I'd do a couple things different if I were to do it again - I had planned to put the squeaker in the feet and forgot to do it before I sewed them up, so it's in the beak.  And then I'd form the beak a little more Chica-like from the cartoon. Id make the lower beak smaller than the top too. It's probably larger than the doll that is going for ridiculous prices these days - $300-399 on Amazon and $102-$180 as of last night on Ebay.  And I think the materials probably total $6-10 to make it, if that.

I just wish you could see the little happy dance little Scarlett's going to make when she sees this.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

She will love it!
Lucky Scarlett, your Chica doll looks such fun.