Friday, February 25, 2011

Juicing for health!

Everyone knows we're supposed to eat our five, nine, or whatever number it is of fruit and veggies e v e r y day. Well, some days I do really good, but there's too many of those other days.  Then I read up on eating at least 50% RAW food a day.  Now that's just getting crazy - especially with all my other weird eating habits.  How do you do that on a sustained everyday basis?  Well...I bought this Breville juicer,. It's extremely easy to clean (important when you're using it two to three times a day).  I don't make large quantity of juice to drink throughout the day - only what I'm going to consume immediately. (My neighbor has the Jack Lalanne juicer that they carry at Costco.  From a quick comparison, I decided this Breville was much faster/easier to clean.)

There are tons of sites out there with juicing recipes. These are two of my favorites: My staple is a couple handfuls of spinach (I buy the 3 lb bag at Costco for less than  6 oz at the grocery store) and a pear.  Another is my version of V8 - tomato, celery, green onion, garlic, cabbage, red pepper, spinach, and some cucumber.  I just wing it on amounts.  I can't really down more than 8 oz of juice at a time.  And the simplest of all is just juicing three carrots.

This was said to be a sinus cure:  one apple, half lemon, one inch of fresh ginger, one orange, some cayenne pepper (and I really dump it on).  I use the Breville for the apple and ginger, but squeeze the citrus by hand.  I could drink this every day.  I LOVE the taste.

When I drink a glass or two of green juice a day (or beet juice or carrot or whatever), I don't stress over a lack of vegetables when my dinner's just some rice pasta with bolognaise sauce and turkey sausage. I count my fruits and veggies like I do how many hours I sleep every night. That's normal, isn't it?

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