Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

The new year is a time to clean up. So here's my new FREEEE pattern storage units I picked up at Staples! I have no idea what their original display purpose was, but they serve my purpose, and the price was right.

This Badgley Mischka pattern (V1066) turned out pretty darn good. It's all in the details.

I bought this pattern for Kelli. Now I need the perfect material.

Of course there's been lots of undocumented knitting going on around here, but I was too distracted with other issues to post. The Japanese Feather and Fan shawl is a really cool pattern and so are the Praire Boots.


Sonya said...

You've been busy! I'm very impressed with those slacks.

Sigrid said...

Great pants, mine will be more summer by the color I use, but yours look perfect.