Saturday, June 28, 2008

English Muffins and a Baby Sweater

Last night my cooking buddy asked if I ate tuna, and if so, could I save him the tins. This sounded quite familiar to me. Why? He says he's going to make Alton Brown's english muffins for an upcoming brunch we have slated. Well, I go to dig out my tins from the trash and notice that there is no way in heck he's going to get those new-fangled rounded bottoms off. So I look to see if I have any water chestnuts and pineapple and I do. Then I start thinking, gee, this all sounds familiar. I dig through cupboards and sure enough I find five of these already bottomless. Then I read the recipe and think, hmm, I have it all. So thinking a bit first, I read all the reviews (lots of people knew about the pineapple and water chestnut cans working - one poor soul sat with a hammer, chisel, screwdriver tryin to get the rounded bottoms out of the tuna cans .....) and, not meaning to steal any thunder, I thought I'd try them as I had everything ready and I haven't done them since I became a King Arthur flour fan. Then I set out to, a, make them not too fat, use some cornmeal in the bottom, etc. And yes, indeed, they take a lot longer than his 5-6 mins per side and the cast iron pans I'm using have to have the fire just barely on below them. The first ones turned out just a bit fatter than I'd like. The later ones look pretty darn good. It did make ten muffins. Bob wolfed three of them pretty quickly. Myself, though, I'd prefer more "nooks and crannies." But these will definitely do. I'd say the recipe is a keeper.

And this is my lastest finished object. A lacy baby sweater I made from a pattern in Knitting Pattern Central (Lacey Baby set). I changed up the lace pattern just to make it go quicker. And I picked up all around the front with a smaller needle and did a garter edge with buttonholes. And the hat is stinking adorable. I made the poppy from another baby set in Knitting Pattern Central baby patters (Poppy something or other) and used the bottom border pattern to make a simple beanie.

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