Monday, April 21, 2008

My bit for the environment

Or maybe that threat of $.25 per bag made me do it. Or maybe I want to be like Ed (begley)...I did buy his book.

But whatever the reason, it's STINKIN cute. I'll be making more. I just made this out of some Grace cotton I had hanging around begging to be something. And can you think of a better way to while away the hours hanging out at the Digestive Disease Center while your husband's undergoing some very unnatural process? Here's the pattern link:

Oh! On another note, My Favorite Neighbor never ceases to amaze me with her needle wizzardry. I hope her niece treasures this forever:
This is Knitty's Trellis pattern made up in Knitpicks Shine Sport. It's perfect! Unlike anything you can buy for an infant.

And here's what I made for her niece - look familiar? But I did add a hat to this ensemble.

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