Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunshine Tote

Really, I'm going to get back to the knitting. But here is a tote I made using a tutorial I found on line. I don't have to worry about not finding it in a heap. I probably don't have to worry about anyone taking it from me. I think it's mine to keep. It would be a great beach bag if one were so inclined.

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Timnah said...

This is darling! I am a bag addict. I have a blanket chest full of 'em--mostly canvas bags from different libraries or conferences or PBS radio stations or Trader Joe's. I even knitted myself a string bag in a size and shape of a plastic grocery shopping bag, so I could slip it over the little metal frames and bag my own groceries at the self-checkout . . . but then life got busy and I haven't made any more.