Monday, January 07, 2008

What 2008 holds in store.....

It's starting out feeling good. My Must Have is progressing and I have made every imaginable (and one incomprehensible) mistake. So I've had to rip back the seed as I changed pattern on the back side when I shouldn't have (THREE TIMES, I might add). Yes, I twisted the nine-stitch cable the wrong way once. The wrap 3 - well I knitted the three after wrapping instead of k1, YO, k2tbl (THREE TIMES!) The triangular cable thing - YEP, I transferred the purl stitch to the wrong side of it one time.

The good news? I'm getting quite adept at fixing mistakes. The incomprehensible mistake? Well, l obviously, when fixing something, twisted the rows of yarn. I couldn't even figure out why the heck it looked funny and kept ripping down, ripping down. Then I had an AHA moment. Anyway, I think it's goin to be worth the work. And actually it does go faster than I thought it would.

On the sewing front, I'm gettin good at making pants! I made these cords from a McCalls Perfect Jeans pattern, and maybe not perfect, but they turned out well.

And this pic I'm including because it makes me ridiculously happy to open my cupboard and see this. It started out with one cup my DH bought me. I used it every morning. If it was dirty, I'd dig it out of the dishwasher, quick rinse, and voila. Then he made a comment how nice it would be if all our cups matched. I needed no encouragement. The only problem was it seemed it was difficult to find the cup with the black printing. Like it was some kind of collector's item or something! Then I found the "Holiday" cup - same ole cup, just a barn red printing - well, I LIKE that. Buy one, get one free - even better. I got me NINE cups now. I never gotta use a dirty one again.

So what I'm hoping for 2008? Good health for friends and family (heck, after reading this I realized I should throw in the people I don't know, the people I know and don't like even), lots of knitting, lots of sewing, perhaps riding my bike again, not too much work and lots of play - Balance - That's what I want for 2008.


Sonya said...

Your Must Have is moving right along! I'm finally swatching for the clock vest tonight.

Carrie said...

That Must Have looks fantastic.. despite all the ripping back. Ay yi yi that would drive me nuts! And I didn't realize there was quite so much seed stitch. Seed stitch also drives me crazy. Hmm!

(By the way I have that same mug with black print. It is a good one :)

Acornbud said...

Must Have is coming right along. I think it's easy to get distracted twist something the wrong way!
Those look like great mugs. Is 9 enough? (wink)