Friday, December 21, 2007

Ravelry, Knitting, Sewing - oh, my!

Yes, I joined Ravelry because, you know, everyone's doing it. Slow on the uptake, but I did it. Actually I'm RhettaRic (thank you, My Favorite Neighbor, for giving me yet one more name). These are one of my latest sewing FO's - jeans. And Green Cables is taking an outing with them today. I'm a little nervous about wearing something I can't just rip off like a cardigan or jacket if I get hot, but I've decided to just take a walk on the wild side today.

The jeans are out of stretch denim and using KwikSew pattern I've had forever. They are by far the most comfortable of pants I own. For the pockets I traced the design on tissue paper, placed it over the pocked, and stitched.


Marietta said...

those jeans are fantastic
if i hdn't known you were a seamstress - i would have thought you were posting about an amazing pair that you just bought - nice pocket detail

Carrie said...

That's amazing! They look wonderful. I hope to be so brave some day :)

Acornbud said...

Nice job on the jeans!