Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bones and Grommets

This was the first fitting before lining is finished or all the bones are in. This is not a project for the faint of heart. And to think this is just a practice run..... Now I know why custom corsets cost a few hundred or more. Grommets went in so nice with my Osborne grommet setter. I bought some plastic coated steel bones for the back and some spiral metal boning for the rest - which has to be cut and have boning ends placed on them. All I will say is it involves a LOT of strength to cut with just wire cutters. And the tips - Lord help me. The tips require you to hold a pair of plyers in your left, a pair of plyers in your right - somehow (I guess with your third hand) you slip the boning into the tip which you grip with one set of plyers, then you use the other to squeeze the ends of the tips with the other hand while simultaneously squeezing both evenly. Yeah...that's what I said. My DH's helpful comments during these maneuvers could have resulted in some serious injury if he hadn't retired to bed when he did.
I'd tell you why I had to make two trips to Farthingales in Santa Monica for supplies this weekend except I don't want you to know quite how stupid I can be. Let's just say I'm geographically challenged at times. (And my mother who accompanied me on my first excursion is far too sweet to even raise her eyebrows at me when we returned empty-handed.)
Again, why am I making this? Is it because I need a corset? No. Is it because I'll wear a corset? I don't know. Is it because it's a challenge? Yep. Will I even want to make a second one? I doubt it. Generally I just need to do things once to prove to myself that I can. So I hope Kelli gets hers. It is highly doubtful that this corset will be a FO this weekend.

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