Friday, July 13, 2007

Cloning Kelli

Since my DD complained that I haven't updated, I thought it only appropriate to post my latest creative effort. Believe me, I herniated myself trying to work as fast as I could before the little pill lost patience. These pics don't do DD quite justice in that she's been working out with a personal trainer and it sure shows - not just her shape, but what she's eating has paid off in the condition of her skin - it's stinking gorgeous.

I still have a little finishing work here, but it's close. She needs a pin head and to be polished up with a bit of shellac and perhaps a stable base. I tried not to overthink the decoupaging. But this is harder than it looks. I started goin through magazines (Oprah, Real Simple, Bon Appetite - the only ones I had around) and clipping anything interesting to me or that I thought represented her interests (hence the muts, but I take total credit for the 90-year-old naked woman gracing her left armpit.) Then I tried grouping pictures on the floor. But when it came down to it, the groups had to give way to what size was needed where. (Kelli IS in a bathing suit during this process)

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Taoknitter said...

Hi, came here from Ravelry, the Sew Obsessed group. I am Taoknitter. This is fantastic for so many reasons! Lately, the newbie Irish dance dressmakers in one of my groups have been messing with duct tape dummies as fill-ins for long distance customers (layers of duct tape over a t-shirt). The problem with those is that the dimensions are actually much bigger than they need to be for these fitted costumes. Any desire to add more detail to this post so I can send these dressmakers to your blog to see another, much better idea? I will send you a mail on Ravelry so you can reach me.

And the creative decoration is great!