Friday, March 23, 2007


Oh, those wonderful beginnings -- you know, when your heart's atwitter, your appetite's diminshed, you feel like you can stay up all night just to have some quality together time because you're in love? I'm there.

I began small with a sleeve to check the gauge, which should have been off terribly, but in reality, it's fine. One small unintentional pattern modification with a twist on the twisted stitch pattern was born early, and an executive decision was made to let it be - all the way throughout the sweater as if it were an intended consequence of thought.

The pattern calls for wool and my Nantucket will be in cotton, Classic Elite Provence. Who in the world would want a short-sleeved wool sweater? Or at least in California I see no need for that. I will add an extra inch at the waist to lengthen the sweater just a bit. Cotton alone will, from what I've read, lengthen it in time (although I did make a blue cotton sweater and I notice no appreciable lengthening of that sweater).


Sonya said...

Oh the thrill of beginning-of-project-love! I wish that feeling would last longer for me. I'm so fickle when it comes to knitting. I agree with you on the 3/4 length sleeves; makes a lot more sense in cotton. May your first blush of love last until you are weaving in the ends!

JennyRaye said...

Definitely--no wool! I love this sweater too and am looking forward to watching your progress.

Mrs. Bear said...

I know you've been hoarding this yarn, just waiting for the perfect match, pattern-wise, and it looks like you've got it.

I like the 3/4 sleeve look, too. They seem less matronly than full length sleeves, pushed up, and much more flattering than something just above the elbow.

I'll keep my eyes on the Western horizon, watching for rising smoke. I know those needles are in overdrive!