Saturday, March 17, 2007

Latest Obsession

I want to make a carpet bag, a PERFECT carpet bag and have been doing a lot of research. But I have a practice piece to show you which I've learned so much in making. I did manage to get a tubular frame in it, but the bag's way small. My machine doesn't like this project and will not sew upholstery thread through heavy material for some reason, but will sew it just fine on light-weight fabric. The bottom was cut from an old suede vest which belonged to Dr. G. The sides are stabilized with some heavy-weight stuff fused to the fabric. I have to remove the little flap with the snap and move it to the outside of the tubular frame. And for the next project I'll need to order some little feet. This frame is a 10" size. I had originally cut the fabric for what I thought would require a 12". Hmmm.

For THE CARPET BAG of my dreams, I think I need an 18" frame. The sides and bottom have to be much wider. AND I need a sewing awl to get through all thicknesses, which I've found at a quite reasonable price online.

On the cooking front, I made two loaves of rye bread yesterday on my pizza stone. In the oven right now is a coconut layer cake. The lemon curd is cooling in the fridge. The heaviest decision on my mind at the moment is do I make 7-minute frosting with coconut or whipped cream frosting with coconut?

More yarn is on its way to finish up my Trellis Stole. Then it's definitely got to be a project involving my Classic Elite Provence (cotton) yarn in the color French Red. I've had it sittin there far too long.

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Mrs. Bear said...

The bag looks great to me, but I know what you mean about the item of your dreams. It's got be on spot, not just close to the mark.

Will Kelli get the prototype?