Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baby Booties????

Well, DD wants her Maryjanes and the only pattern I have for them isn't all that nice. If I make them out of 100% wool and lightly felt and stretch back into shape, they're pretty much okay, but it's a lot of worrying, manipulating, etc. There's a Fibertrends pattern for felted ones out there. And since I'm cheap (confusedly -- been told I'm penny wise, pound foolish) -- I made up the booties because the pattern was in the Knitting Encyclopedia and I happen to have the book. I figured I could learn how they did it, translate that into real people size. Hmmmm - what do we have here? A humongous fat foot slipper. Perhaps if I spent $5 on the pattern, I wouldn't waste $5/$10/$15 on yarn trying out a pattern!!! But dang, those booties are cute!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Ohhh, tiny little Mary Janes! Not for Kelli, but there's got to be a little girl in your life who'd love 'em!