Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Please read ONLY if you're over 50 - no knitting news

Nora Ephron is funny. Before my favorite neighbor gave me a book by her, I had never heard of Nora Ephron. I sort of live in a state of denial - don't watch TV, listen to news, OR read a newspaper. (IMHO)All three can only lead to depression, and there's enough in everyday life and human relations alone for that without news. In the event that anything worthy of my awareness occurs, it will be brought to my almost immediate attention by either my husband, my mother, or my favorite neighbor. (They take this job seriously and don't overwhelm me with too much.)

Now back to Nora. Her book I read, I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK, is no great novel (not a book I'd put my credit card down for for myself, but definitely one that one friend in a group could buy and circulate amongst all their Judys), BUT it's funny, at times poignant, and such a light, quick, easy read, that I almost wanted to send her a letter thanking her for letting me know I'm not quite nuts (or I'm not the only one who's nuts).

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Mrs. Bear said...

I've read some Nora Ephron, too, and have enjoyed it. Very wry. So how does she feel about her neck?