Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween to you Happy Birthday to me

Actually, my birthday's All Saint's Day (tomorrow). BUT I received this booklet in the mail today. Click on it. It's amazing how many patterns are in this book - there's several I didn't include in the pics. It was originally a 40 cent book! Back in the day they really knew how to make it worth your pennies! My friend Debbie found this while sadly packing up her family home after her dad passed. I may never need another sock book! It's got knee-highs, anklets, slippers, argyles, cables - you name it.

And yes, my black lace sock is coming along nicely!


Dipsy D. said...

Happy Birthday to you! All the very best, and may all your dreams and wishes will come true in this new year of yours!
This booklet that you received seems to be really great, what a load of sock patterns! You're right, back in the old days they sure gave you more for your money than nowadays - way more actually! Have fun with all these patterns!

Sonya said...

Happy birthday! Great sock book and a great deal too. What could be better?