Sunday, October 15, 2006

Body Works

Well, first attempt, which my favorite neighbor assisted me in dissolved in an embarassed heap. Our problem was we soaked the paper tape and smeared it on. It was too wet. Would have taken hours to dry. When we cut it off, it slipped and slopped. We spent about 2.5 hours on this version.

When she went home to care for those she loves, she made a comment, perhaps we should have just MOISTENED the tape. AH!! Of course. I don another plastic bag and start wrapping myself with moistened tape. I get the lower body and front done. Mr. H helps with the back - BELIEVE IT OR NOT. He tires out tho on the finishing aspects. So I dance across the street in my paper tape-wrapped body and ring my neighbor's doorbell at 8:30 pm to request some assistance. Mr. Favorite Neighbor opens the door and asks me if Halloween came early. (Funny man really) So Ms. Favorite Neighbor comes over to do some finishing and then cut me out.

Really the end results look pretty good. I need to make or get a stand for her and maybe give her a modesty garment.


Mrs. Bear said...


I only wish I could have seen your neighbor's face! Kudos to Bob for joining in, too. All told, how long did it take?

The sweater looks great!

You are my knitting goddess!

Joufknister said...

I think the second version took another two hours. But then I'd keep tweaking. Probably three by the time I added her neck. I certainly got it down now if you ever need a wrapper!