Saturday, June 10, 2006

Denim Aran

The first thing you might notice is the third cabling in the middle - well, I got carried away and made a design alteration that I can live with. This project was dragging so slow, I finally decided to address the issue and try to figure out why, and it wasn't that difficult to figure out - it was my choice of needles. For some reason this Encore Chunky and Denises along with the cabling just didn't work. I switched to the Boyes, and it's chugging along better now. But what I would give for an Addi size 10...

Nona has a great explanation, for knitting in ends that I did on this

I've always done cables without a cable needle, but on this I've finally decided not to even switch the order of the stitches, but just knit them as the cable should be knitted. A quick search for this technique didn't reveal any sites with appropriate explanation. I remember seeing a pattern for a left twist or right twist where you just stick your needle into the third stitch in on the left needle knit it - don't pull anything off - then stick your needle into the first one and knit it, get the loop on the right, but don't remove the stitch, knit the second stitch in and then pull all three off the left needle. Well, it works for a cable 4 as well. And what makes it twist right or left depends on if you stick your needle in from the FRONT into that stitch further in on that left needle or if you do it from the BACK. It sounds very strange until you try it. It's just easier than pulling the stitches off and switching them and then knitting them, which I thought was might slick itself. Anything to avoid havin to pick up an extra needle!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Looking good, lady. I wonder why the yarn and the Denise needles didn't mix? I've not tried the cabling trick, but I may give it a try.