Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vintage Buttons for a Vintage Sweater

Last night I went through all my buttons looking for something that would work. But my stash of buttons is nothing like My Favorite Neighbor's. So at the walking hour I went to fetch her with GV in tow and casually mentioned that I bet I could find some buttons for this in her stash. She brought out the little guns, a dinky little cup of buttons. I said NO! You have a great big tin FULL of buttons. She went out to the garage and brought in Millie's tin of buttons and there, right on top, were these. So whether I cajoled them out of her, stole them, surprised her into it or whatever, these buttons are courtesy of Linda Lou Knits, another Clark Court knittery. And here's hoping that Millie's up There happy that I saved her tin from Goodwill!

And see that dang cute little thing next to the buttons? (Please double click for a more fabulous view) That's my label. Cute, n'est-ce pas? And yes, I made them. Almost makes me want to put it on the OUTSIDE!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Even the card the buttons came on is sweet! Buttons are so pricey these days. I went searching for one nice big one for the canteen purse, and was horrified at their price. I know I am cheap, but $6 for one button that's an inch in diameter?

I've got to find something, though. My experiments in fimo clay were underwhelming. Maybe a big, super ugly brooch?