Monday, May 29, 2006

Almost there (GV)

I slipped this over my head, checked fit, and it actually looks like it was made for me! Do you like my label? I give thanks to someone on KH for that tutorial.

Lilacs are my most favorite flower. They remind me of my great grandma, who when I was small I thought lived on a great estate. Upon returning to Michigan as an adult, I realized that it was just a rather small two-story house on a slightly deep lot. Oh, how your perspective changes... Anyway, I don't need my name on my label. Lilacs just gives me a special feeling that Jouf's could never do.

Here's a pic of Matt & Maggie. Can you just see her with a bouquet of lilacs? I think of her as my personal angel. Those eyes make me think she was a bit of a happy spitfire!


Mrs. Bear said...

Awhhh, I love Grandma & Grandpa's picture. Her dress reminds me of the kind my Grandma wore -soft floral prints.

The sweater looks so good! Don't you want to wear it inside out so the label shows?

sara_jayne said...

The sweater looks wonderful - so nice to know it fits so well!