Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OT - Fast 'n Furious Fifties

Having rolled into my fifties a bit or two ago, I realize things have changed. Time is more precious than anything and days fly as fast as pages turn in an open book lying on a table near a fan (a fan - something you need when you roll into your fifties). By 9:30 in the morning if I'm not showered, dressed, and on my way to getting whatever done, I start angst-ing over the day being gone (which is 400 if Bob's home and 5:00 p.m. otherwise for those of you who don't know). Being that my husband is ten years older than I am, I've spent the last fifteen years listening to his thoughts on lack of energy, aches/pains, etc., all the while thinking yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, here I am and it's war. I refuse not to have the same energy level I've always had. There's just too much to do. I pulled in my mini trampoline today, placed it in the family room, and horror of horrors, turned on the TV to watch news and jumped away twisting, turning, taking turns running. This, you understand, will increase energy. Right? Well, I did learn Chris Reeve's wife died - something I would never have known otherwise. And that just makes me MORE decided that I will NOT worry about things over which I have no control. Next time I'll watch something more soothing like Food TV.

Okay - all that and I am vowing to relax and calm myself, but still get done tremendous amounts of everything in a day.

Drop the needles, step away from the computer.....

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Knit/Pickin' with Ellen Edwards said...

I have watched my energy drop and felt it, as well, since before my 50's it seems!!But since--gosh!! I don't know where it went but it's GONE!! I have Fibromyalgia though, and it keeps me down a bit. I cannot believe I'll be 57 this November...I don't feel that old in my HEAD!!lol Good for you and the mini-tramp!