Sunday, February 12, 2006

There're good days, and then...

well, there're other days. But let's talk about Friday. It was a good day. First I got to go lunch and then shopping with Kelli. I've included a picture of the goods we captured. Then we got home and Bob says, "You have a package from Pennsylvania." WOW. I made a beeline. I was totally amazed, excited! And I've attached a photo of the knitting books/pamphlets MrsBear87, aka Abi, aka Miss Holly sent me! Woohoo! The page that it's opened to will be the first thing I make out of this book. It looks like some challenging color work and the sweater will look great with jeans!

But wait! It isn't over yet. Then Kelli's cell phone rings and it's MAC! She had a second interview for a permanent position at the Pasadena store, and she didn't think it went too well. SHE GOT IT! There were a few more good moments to follow, but I won't bore you with the rest of my fairy tale day.


Kellisal said...

That picture does not do justice to the ADORABLE shoes we got on Friday!! Especially the really cute black wedges that I got!!

But yes,.... it was a Very good day!

Mrs. Bear said...

The books look very happy in their new home! Glad to have been part of the sunshine - you deserve a break, lady!