Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting my way to Los Angeles Union Station

Fridays are good days to take off, but there's something about mass-transiting (Metrolink) into downtown L.A. that makes it an almost acceptable Friday frolic. It enables me to pursue two of my favorite sports, people watching and eavesdropping, while purportedly engaging in reading, knitting, even working on my laptop en route to my job. That definitely beats the Friday freeway fracas and humors my love of travel as I definitely feel like I'm in another land.

But this past trip, I met a fellow fiber fondler knitting away on a shawl with some kind of organic yarn. I told her about Knitting Help and Knitting Pattern Central, and she told me about two yarn shops in Southern California that I had no knowledge of, one in Temecula (Temecula Valley Yarn Company and the other in Corona (Knit Affair), the latter being her favorite. A quick search on the internet revealed another knitter ( who definitely agrees with her saying, "This (Knit Affair) is hands down the best LYS I've been in ever. Serious. They have an amazing selection of yarn, all the ones you just want, and a few you didn't know you did."
I can't wait to check them both out. But before that I must complete Black Beauty.

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Mrs. Bear said...

What a beautiful train station! I would love to travel by rail. One of my dream vacations would be to take a deluxe train trip to the Rockies and Alaska.

Hope you get to visit those yarn shops soon.