Thursday, January 12, 2006

Corkscrew Scarf

It's basically Abi's fault that I took precious time away from Fringe to make this scarf. There I was working away on Fringe and I got to the short rows on the left front. There seemed to be holes, and I was trying to learn which way to wrap the stitches to avoid them. Well, Abi, my well-meaning friend, referred me to Nona Knits tips. That's where I got caught up on her little segment of casting on 40 stitches, KPK into each stitch, and do a purl castoff and see what you get. Well, I kind of liked it! Then one thing led to another and voila! Kelli's scarf. Not much done on Fringe though!


Mrs. Bear said...

Ah, yes, Blame it on Abi! Well, I for one think it was time well spent. What did you think of Nona? Some good tips there, eh? (Love the tassels!)

Will you post a shot of you in the Ballet Wrap? I think you looked very nice in it.

Joufknister said...

I love Nona's site! I want to do the T-shirt now too. Nope, no shot of me in that going on here! I think I'm going to add a bit at the bottom for her. I saw a thing in Knitting on the Edge and it's sort of a lacy ruffle that can go as long as you want. I'll ask her if she ever gets her butt over to try it on and take possession.