Saturday, December 17, 2005

Yes, there is a Santa

Are these some beautiful stitch markers?????

I was going to wait until after Christmas to post, but just when you think there's nothing that could surprise you, it happens! A big box appears on the porch. And it's almost like it's from Santa, but it's from MrsBear87. (This is supposed to be a card!) Anyway it's large, with a good heft. I'm thinking, well, it's the fruitcake - you know, the one that goes from coast to coast year to year. (And it just so happens that Abi and I both love it - although I was too cheap to make it - that fruit is costly - and NO ONE else would eat it, but me.) Ok. I'm getting to the point.

So in this box is a candelabra with a history, which only makes it more special. The repair is underway, with plenty of time for the Christmas Candelabra to add some grace to our holiday dinner. Picture will follow later. I already impatiently tried to put it all together, and it just wasn't ready for that yet! I guess you really have to let the epoxy dry first. Dang.

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Mrs. Bear said...

(blush) Oh, you are too kind.

Who else could I send a broken item to, and have her be so excited about it?!