Sunday, November 06, 2005

Felting a cowboy hat

Second attempt at a cowboy hat - trying to make one for Lorenso, who takes care of our yard for us. Turned out pretty good! At first I thought it was a gonner. Then I CUT - yes, cut - a half inch off the brim all the way around. Dr. G., a large animal veterinarian who lives across the street, came through again and was able to get the thing in the right shape - goes to show he can fix up more than just horses. I have one more cowboy hat in me and that will be for Dr. G!
Oh! And the pink Maryjane is the regular Maryjane recipe made on size 11 needles and really manipulated a whole bunch in the felting process. Thought they'd be a waste too, but they just might work - have to insert my little dd's foot in them to see!


Mrs. Bear said...

Yahoo, cowboy!

It looks great. I'd love to see you stretching, twisting, and mauling this one basic hat pattern into all these shapes. So, the brim didn't unravel after the trim? The magic of felting!

Kellisal said...

I hope those pink maryjanes are for ME!!!!! Pretty please! I promise I will not let anyone steal these!