Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chicken Soup is good for what ails ya

And you have to break the bones to make good broth, and well, I leave a little fat. (The more I look at this soup, the yuckier it's looking - but it did taste good.)

I'm going back to the area near the scene of the crime tomorrow. Gridlock - yep, gridlock - that's what I got a ticket for. I even got out of the intersection two nanoseconds after the light turned red and into the lane next to me. It was rush hour and, well, I just didn't really deserve this.


Mrs. Bear said...

WHAT! Some &*%$@ cop gave you this for gridlock? I'll show him gridlock. When your skein of angora falls off the skein winder and the cat gets into it - THAT's gridlock!

Remind me to tell you about Officer Wattle (yes, that really was his name!) and my ticket.

Joufknister said...

You always make me laugh!!